miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016

Hot Toys - Aliens - MMS023 - Private William Hudson - 1/6 - Part 8

Step by step improving Hudson. Now its time to change that horrible Knife and sheath/scabbard he came with for a new one. Painted the sheath in black, added two straps on the back to put on his left chest side and painted the knife handle in black. I am waiting for a new more proper knife to arrive and will add a rope from the knife and passing around his neck. The rope will be in black and have some knots like the ones Hudson/Paxton had in the Aliens film.

PICS of the previous knife

PICS from the movie knife and cord/rope

PICS of the process and the actual state. Pending to find a black cord/rope make some knots and place it around his neck.

This will be the knife I will use in the end, same as Mad Max . Gerber Mark II Knife. 

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