miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2015

FIFA 16 Athletic Club Bilbao Edition

A friend of mine is a Athletic Club Bilbao fan and every year he changes the original game cover (usually with Messi or other football stars) for a new one. For this year he used images from the 2015 Spain Supercup  that Athletic Club won against F.C Barcelona in a two-legged tie, 4-0 and 1-1 (5-1).

Enjoy the covers!!

The original cover

Custom Covers

Fabricando figura - 1/6- Custom - Mad Max 2 -The Road Warrior - Part 34

I have been with other projects, but now its time to go back to Max and his bendable hands/ custom cut leather gloves. I just got the stuff from ebay, and I am adapting them to be film accurate using pics from the film, from sites (here) and others taken from a guy in a mad max forum that made the gloves in 1/1 scale (here).

I will use scissors for this "operation"

Hands and gloves

Reference pics

lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2015

Fabricando figura - 1/6- Custom - Marvel - PUNISHER - Castigador - part 7

Dont know which option I will go for.

A belt in white
a belt in white (just 4 teeth) and the rest in black!!!!


Fabricando figura - 1/6- Custom - Marvel - PUNISHER - Castigador - part 6

We are going to try new gloves for the Punisher figure. I am going to cut the sleeves from the gloves from a British  Royal Guard figure. They are around 4 cm long, so they should be perfect for my intentions.

Fabricando figura - 1/6 - Custom - Gladiator - Arena Fighter y RomanGeneral Part 4

Hope to be able to publish news from Gladiator soon. I am trying to Attach a new head, new body and items to make a more accurate representation of the Ridley  Scotts film. I own the Kaustic Plastik Arena Fighter and I am making some changes. Since I am not happy with the head it comes with, I decided to buy the Battle Damaged one that comes with Pangaea´s mixing it with Kaustic Plastik´s  other items.

You can find pics of:

Pangaea´s - Gladiator General - in their facebook here 


Kaustic Plastik´s - Arena Fighter - in their facebook here

Pangaea´s battle damaged head

From left to right
Dont know which one of the three looks better.

Fabricando figura - 1/6- Custom - Conan the Barbarian, el Bárbaro - Part 17

I am trying a new mod on Conan, bought a custom unpainted Conan head, and a female wig. I will try to make a bald head, then attach the wig and finally cut the hair to the roper lenght. Wish me good luck

The new body/the head/the wig/ actual status/the final desired representation

jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2015

1/6 Different bodies for Customs

Thanks to GeeWhiz Customs, and Hegemony77 we can see the different kind of 1/6 bodies. This will help us to make our custom projects.



1/4 & 1/6 Endoskeleton THE TERMINATOR

Could it be possible that a 1/6 endoskeleton for the first two movies is in the works?

miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2015

Fabricando figura - 1/6- Custom - Conan the Barbarian, el Bárbaro - Part 16

The Belt and a new sword scabbard are on the works.

BELT & SCABBARD, I dont have many pics from the actual film, but from Neca, and Sideshows figure and statue.